21 de February de 2017


The History of Dermatology Event begins with a tour of a museum, often with a presentation by a cultural authority.
Following lunch, there is a seminar on some aspect of the history of dermatology. These have included women in dermatology, pioneer dermatologists, art and dermatology, and the classification of skin disease.

The next day is the annual History of Dermatology Society Dinner, during which the Samuel J. Zakon Lecture is given. Speakers have included Marion B. Sulzberger, Donald M. Pillsbury, J. Graham Smith, Jr., Richard Dobson, Günter Stüttgen, Jean Civatte, and Orlando Canizares. There are also the Marion B. Sulzberger Toast and the Herman Beerman Toast.

The Society also sponsors the Samuel J Zakon Prize for the best papers in the History of Dermatology submitted to the Committee. The Prize is given annually for the best papers submitted relating to the history of dermatology.

ANNUAL MEETINGS – Tour and Lecture, Luncheon Session, Scientific Program, HDS Society Dinner: Gerald N. Wachs Toast, Marion B. Sulzberger Toast, Herman Beerman Toast, John T. Crissey Toast, Poet Laureate, Samuel J. Zakon Lecture, Samuel J. Zakon Prize


44th 2017 Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art Picturing in Dermatology: From wax models to teladermatology Rosen Centre Hotel – Orlando, FL
43rd 2016 Private collection of the Medicine and Science Department of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History Dermatology In a Bye-Gone Era: II Loews Madison Hotel – Washington, DC
42nd 2015 Asian Art Museum of San Francisco Dermatology in a Bye-Gone Era Taj Campton Place – San Francisco, CA
41st 2014 Denver Art Museum Physical Modalities in Dermatology: 1870 to 1975 Four Seasons Hotel – Denver, CO
40th 2013 The Wolfsonian Dermatologic Therapy in Days Gone–by through 1930 National Hotel – Miami, FL
39th 2012 San Diego Museum of Art Caretakers of the Skin: Americans in the 19th Century Palomar San Diego Hotel – San Diego, CA
38th 2011 Ogden Museum Caretakers of the Skin: Prototypes for Dermatology Windsor Court Hotel – New Orleans, LA
* 2011 Resaturant Phoenix – Seoul, Korea
37th 2010 Bass Museum Bioterrorism in dermatology: part II: germs and poisons Raleigh Hotel – Miami Beach, FL
36th 2009 Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon Bioterrorism in dermatology: part I: germs and poisons Intercontinental Hotel – San Francisco, CA
35th 2008 The Alamo Syphilis from 1860:  part 2 Valencia Hotel Riverfront – San Antonio, TX
34th 2007 Folger Shakespeare Library Syphilis prior to 1900:  part 1 Hotel Palomar – Washington, DC
* 2007 Jockey Club – Buenos Aires, Argentina
33rd 2006 San Francisco Museum of Crafts & Design Skin diseases in ancient history and the middle ages:  part 2 One Market Restaurant – San Francisco, CA
32nd 2005 Ogden Museum Skin disease and the ancients:  part 1 Restaurant August – New Orleans, LA
31st 2004 National Mueum of American History and the Dibner Library Dermatological luminaries:  part 2 Finemondo – Washington, DC
30th 2003 Museum of Modern Art Dermatological luminaries:  part 1 One Market Restaurant – San Francisco, CA
* 2003 Meze – Spinola Bay, Malta
29th 2002 New Orleans Museum of Art The dermatology society St. Louis Hotel – New Orleans, LA
* 2002 Pavillon Ledoyen – Paris, France
28th 2001 National Museum of American History Dermatology 1920:  The practice of the specialty 100 years ago Luigino – Washington, DC
27th 2000 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Dermatology 1900:  The practice of the specialty 100 years ago Clift Hotel – San Francisco, CA
26th 1999 Tulane University Medical Center The beginnings of the specialty:  The skin hospital Chateau Sonesta Hotel – New Orleans, LA
25th 1998 Charles Hosner Morse Museum of American Art Women in dermatology Citrus Club – Orlando, FL
24th 1997 Rare Book Room, University California Medical Center Dermatologists before dermatology:  The early healers of the skin Clift Hotel – San Francisco, CA
* 1997 Merrony’s – Sydney, Australia
23rd 1996 National Library of Medicine The origin of dermatologic concepts:  part 2 Hay-Adams Hotel – Washington, DC
22nd 1995 Pharmacy Museum The origin of dermatologic concepts:  part 1 St. Louis Hotel – New Orleans, LA
. 1994 no meeting in 1994 – AAD changed from December to spring
21st 1993 Dermatology in  art:  part 2 Jefferson Hotel – Washington, DC
20th 1992 Asian Art Museum Dermatology in  art:  part 1 Four Seasons-Clift Hotel – San Francisco, CA
* 1992 Tiro-A-Segno – New York City
19th 1991 Old City Park Readers of the skin Adolphus Hotel – Dallas, TX
18th 1990 Atlanta Historical Museum The classification of skin disease: part 2: how did famous nineteenth century dermatologists classify skin diseases in their texts? Ritz-Carlton Hotel – Atlanta, GA
17th 1989 Rare Book Room, University California Medical Center The classification of skin disease:  part 1:  before 1820 Four Seasons-Clift Hotel – San Francisco, CA
16th 1988 Armed Forces Museum More on the historical aspects of skin disease in world literature Jefferson Hotel – Washington, DC
15th 1987 Witte Museum Historical aspects of the skin and skin diseases as seen through the eyes of various authors from the bible to modern times Polo’s – San Antonio, TX
* 1987 Papillon – Berlin, Germany
14th 1986 Vincent Derbes Rare Book Room of Tulane University AIDS and syphilis Arnaud’s – New Orleans, LA
13th 1985 Museum of Natural History Caretakers of the skin and their therapy Andre’s – Las Vegas, NV
12th 1984 National Library of Medicine Caretakers of the skin Hay Adams Hotel – Washington, DC
11th 1983 Northwestern University Medical Library Concept of infection in dermatology through 1920 Cricket – Chicago, IL
10th 1982 Pharmacy Museum Development of therapeutics Plimsoll Club – New Orleans, LA
9th 1981 Rare Book Room, University California Medical Center British Dermatology:  part 2: 1860-1914 Four Seasons-Clift Hotel – San Francisco, CA
8th 1980 College of Physicians of Philadelphia AAD Forum #544:  British Dermatology:  part 1: before 1860 Tiro-a-Segno – New York, NY
7th 1979 American Medical Association and Museum of the International College of Surgeons AAD Forum #264:  The history of the German School of Dermatology Chicago Yacht Club – Chicago, IL
6th 1978 AAD Seminar-in-depth #222:  The history of the Vienna School of Dermatology La Bourgogne – San Francisco, CA
5th 1977 AAD Seminar-in-depth  #221:  The French School in the 19th century Cipango-21 – Dallas, TX
4th 1976 AAD Seminar-in-depth  #041 La Cheminee – Chicago, IL
3rd 1975 AAD Seminar-in-depth  #052 Blue Fox – San Francisco, CA
2nd 1974 AAD Seminar-in-depth  #052 Wrigley Building – Chicago, IL
1st 1973 AAD Seminar-in-depth  #052 Wrigley Building – Chicago, IL

1980 – The name changed from the History of Dermatology Club to the History of Dermatology Society
* Extraordinary meeting