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38th – 2017   37th – 2016   36th – 2015
Johannes Ring Robert Baran Kenneth A Arndt
Johannes Ring
Eczema – in the focus between dermatologia and allergology
Introduced by: Lawrence Parish
Robert Baran
Autobiography of a Loner Tackling the Nail
Introduced by: Perry Robins
Kenneth A Arndt
On thing Leads to Another
Introduced by: Jeffrey S Dover
35th – 2014   34th – 2013   33rd – 2012
Patricia Gayle Engasser Charles J. McDonald Martin Black
Patricia Gayle Engasser
Go West!
Introduced by: Mauricio Goihman-Yahr
Charles J. McDonald
Loving the Skin I’m In: Reflections on the “Unexpected” in my Dermatology Career
Introduced by: Lee T. Nesbitt, Jr. (1941-2014)
Martin Black
The Spice of Life: Dermatological Travels and Friendships Along the Way
Introduced by: Frank Powell
32nd – 2011   2011*   31st – 2010
Gerd Plewig Sungnack Lee Wilma Bergfeld
Gerd Plewig
The world of dermatology: Encounters here and there
Introduced by: Lawrence Charles Parish
Sungnack Lee
The cultural differences among Korea, China, and Japan, and the protrait of the Jeosun Dynsaty (1392-1910)
2nd Abraham Buschke Lecture
Wilma Bergfeld
Preparation for success: My personal reflections
Introduced by: Anthony Benedetto
30th – 2009   29th – 2008   28th – 2007
Larry E. Millikan Lowell Goldsmith Peter Koblenzer
Larry E. Millikan
Michigan/Missouri dermatology to international dermatology: a trip to the 21st century – colleagues and events along the way
Introduced by: Mark Chastain
Lowell Goldsmith
Disorganization of American dermatology during WW II
Introduced by: Thomas Cropley
Peter Koblenzer
Edward Rigby: A forgotten dermatologist
Introduced by: Caroline Koblenzer
2007*   27th – 2006   26th – 2005
Leopoldo Montes Denny Tuffanelli Elizabeth McBurney
Leopoldo Montes
Founding fathers and legends of Argentine Dermatology
Baldomero Sommer Lecture
Denny Tuffanelli (1930-2013)
The golden age of medical dermatology: Lou Gehrig to Michael Jackson
Introduced by: John Epstein
Elizabeth McBurney
Spitfire and scandal: Huey P. Long’s lasting influence on Louisiana medicine
Introduced by: John Yarborough (1935-2014)
25th – 2004   24th – 2003   2003*
Joseph L. Pace Luciano Dominguez-Soto Alfredo Rebora
Joseph L. Pace
History of a Maltese Dermatologist
Introduced by: Frank Powell
Luciano Dominguez-Soto
Highlights in the History of Mexican Dermatology
Introduced by: Mauricio Goihman-Yahr
Alfredo Rebora
Lichen planus and the liver: so old that it is somehow historical
Special Lecture
23rd – 2002   2002*   22nd – 2001
John Yarborough Jean-Paul Ortonne Jean-Paul Ortonne
John Yarborough (1935-2014)
Vincent Derbes: An unsung hero
Introduced by: Elizabeth McBurney
Jean-Paul Ortonne
Vincent Derbes: An unsung hero
Introduction: Daniel Wallach
Abraham Buschke Lecture
John Hunter
Three dermatological heroes
Introduced by: Walter Shelley (1917-2009)
21st – 2000   20th – 1999   19th – 1998
Samuel Moschella Walter Shelley Irwin Freedberg
Samuel Moschella
The evolution of a leprologist
Introduced by: James Graham (1921-2012)
Walter Shelley (1917-2009)
Self portrait of a dermatologist
Introduced by: John Crissey (1925–2009)
Irwin Freedberg (1933-2005)
Twentieth century dermatology: Our legacy for the future
Introduced by: Vincent Cipollaro
18th – 1997   1997*   17th – 1996
J. Graham Smith Kate Georgouras Peyton Weary
J. Graham Smith (1926-2010)
A fifty-year potpourri
Introduced by: John Tindall
Kate Georgouras
The History of Dermatology in Australia
Special Lecture
Peyton Weary (1930-2009)
Dermatology and the environment:  An historical perspective
Introduced by: John Grupenhoff
16th – 1995   15th – 1993   14th – 1992
Philip Anderson Coleman Jacobson Victor Newcomer
Philip Anderson (1930-2000)
The origins of modern medical research in World War II
Introduced by: Larry Millikan
Coleman Jacobson (1921-2012)
Personal reminiscences of dermatology in the 40’s and 50’s
Introduced by: John Crissey (1925-2009)
Victor Newcomer (1916-2002)
Memorable events in the life and times of a dermatologist
Introduced by: Margaret Storkan (1919-2000)
1992*   13th – 1991   12th – 1990
Jean Civatte Richard Dobson James Howell
Jean Civatte
Dermatology as I remember it
James Clarke White Lecture
Richard Dobson
A dermatologist in the sandwich generation
Introduced by: J. Graham Smith (1926-2010)
James Howell (1914-2003)
Dermatology as I remember it
Introduced by: J. Graham Smith (1926-2010)
11th – 1989   10th – 1988   1987*
Eugene Farber Roy Forsey Günter Stüttgen
Eugene Farber (1917-2000)
Eradication of venereal disease and leprosy in China:  A saga to Dr. Ma Haide (George Hatim)
Introduced by: Mauricio Goihman-Yahr
Roy Forsey (1915-2015)
Crazy Canadians
Introduced by: Robert Jackson
Günter Stüttgen (1919-2003)
The history of Dermatology in Berlin, as I recall it
Edmund Lesser Lecture
9th – 1987   8th – 1986   7th – 1985
Harvey Blank Orlando Canizares Walter Lobitz
Harvey Blank (1918-2001)
New concepts in the history of syphilis
Introduced by: J. Graham Smith (1926-2010)
Orlando Canizares (1910-1992)
Caricatures and reminiscences of dermatology: A personal view
Introduced by: Sigfrid Muller
Walter Lobitz (1911-2006)
Reflections on dermatology
Introduced by: Walter Shelley (1917-2009)
6th – 1984   5th – 1983   4th – 1982
John  Kenney Niels Hjorth Naomi Kanof
John  Kenney (1914-2003)
Vignettes of a black dermatologist: Reflections on a thirty years career in dermatology
Introduced by: Herman Beerman (1901-1995)
Niels Hjorth (1919-1990)
Invisible colleagues in contact dermatitis
Introduced by: Howard Maibach
Naomi Kanof (1912-1988)
Dermatology recorded: This country, this century
Introduced by: Marion Sulzberger (1895-1983)
3rd -1981   2nd – 1980   1st – 1979
David Williams Harry Arnold - Ervin Epstein J. Lamar Callaway
David Williams (1913-1994)
De mortuis nil nissi bonum 26
Introduced by: J. Graham Smith (1926-2010)
Harry Arnold (1912-1991) and
Ervin Epstein, Sr (1909-2002)
A Dialogue
Introduced by: Rees  B. Rees (1909-2002)
J. Lamar Callaway (1911-1993)
American dermatology in the early 1930’s
Introduced by: Herman Beerman (1901-1995)
1978   1977   1976
Clarence Livingood Rees  B. Rees Rudolf Baer
Clarence Livingood (1911-1998)
Chronicle of the American Board of Dermatology: 1932 to 1978 with some observations about the future
Introduced by: Rudolf Baer (1910-1997)
Rees  B. Rees (1909-2002)
Old time dermatology in San Francisco:  Irreverent and affectionate reminiscences
Introduced by: Harry Arnold (1912-1991)
Rudolf Baer (1910-1997)
Some experiences in American and international dermatology
Introduced by: Marion Sulzberger (1895-1983)
1975   1974   1973
Donald Pillsbury Samuel Zakon Marion Sulzberger
Donald Pillsbury (1902-1980)
Dermatology as I remember it
Introduced by: Herman Beerman (1901-1995)
Samuel Zakon (1898-1978)
Reminiscences of the Viennese School of Dermatology
Introduced by: Lawrence Parish
Marion Sulzberger (1895-1983)
My dermatologic training in Switzerland in the 1920’s and 30’s23-25
Introduced by: Herman Beerman (1901-1995)

1980 – The name changed from the History of Dermatology Club to the History of Dermatology Society
1994 – no meeting in 1994 – AAD changed from December to spring
*Presented at an extraordinary meeting