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Samuel J Zakon

The Society also sponsors the Samuel J Zakon Prize for the best papers in the History of Dermatology submitted to the Committee.
The Prize is given annually for the best papers submitted relating to the history of dermatology.

The deadline each year is November 1.

2018 Samuel J. Zakon Award in the History of Dermatology
Submissions are now being called for the thirty-nine annual Samuel J. Zakon Award in the History of Dermatology.

This competition is open to historians and dermatologists in practice or training. Essays may relate to any aspect of the history of dermatology not heretofore published.

Papers should be sent to:
Mark C. Valentine, MD
3327 Colby Avenue
Everett, WA 98201
Tel: +1.425.258.6767
Email: mark1105@aol.com

Previous Samuel J. Zakon Prize paper winner
39th – 2018   38th – 2017  
Charles DePaolo – USA
Frederic E. Mohs, M.D. & the history of zinc-chloride therapy
Kathleen Pierce – USA
Photograph as Skin, Skin as Wax: Indexicality and the visualization of syphilis in fin-de-siecle France
37th – 2016   36th – 2015   35th – 2014
Diana Garrisi Emanuele Bartolini / Chiara Giannelli
Julia Bock and Leonard Hoenig – USA
The fate of Hungarian Jewish dermatologists during the Holocaust: Part 1
Diana Garrisi – United Kingdom
On the skin of a soldier: the story of flogging
Emanuele Bartolini and
Chiara Giannelli – Italy
The history of the tuberous sclerosis complex
34th – 2013   33rd – 2012   32nd – 2011
Kevin Siena Charles Steffen Andrzej Grzybowski / Stefania Jablonska
Kevin Siena – Canada
The moral biology of ‘the Itch’ in eighteenth-century britain
Charles Steffen – USA
Andrzej Grzybowski and
Stefania Jablonska (1920-2017) – Poland
The Lwov School of Dermatology
31st – 2010   30th – 2009   29th – 2008
Andrzej Grzybowski / Stefania Jablonska Gary J. Brauner Khalid Al Aboud
Andrzej Grzybowski and
Stefania Jablonska (1920-2017) – Poland
Fritz Juliusberg (1872-1939): his life and achievements in dermatology
Gary J. Brauner – USA
Cutaneous laser surgery: historical perspectives
Khalid Al Aboud – Saudi Arabia
The founder of Vicks: Lunsford Richardson (1854-1919)
28th – 2007   27th – 2006   26th – 2005
Charles Steffen Thomas G. Cropley Barry E. Monk
Charles Steffen – USA
Squamous cell carcinoma in situ: a historical note
Thomas G. Cropley – USA
The army itch: a dermatological mystery of the American Civil War
Barry E. Monk – United Kingdom
Sir Ernest Graham-Little (1867-1950) MP, MD, FRCP – dermatologist and politician
25th – 2004   24th – 2003   23rd – 2002
John Savin Joseph Witkowski
John Savin (1935-2006) – Scotland
Scabies in Edinburgh from 1815 to 2000
Michael Albert – USA
The diverse and controversial career of Dr George Henry Rohe
Joseph  Witkowski – USA
A biological weapon of nature and man:  the story of anthrax from antiquity to present
22nd – 2001   21st – 2000   20th – 1999
Ernst Beutner Stella Fatovic-Ferencic John Savin
Ernst Beutner (1923-2013) – USA
The development of immunofluroesence and the immunopathology of the skin
Stella Fatovic-Ferencic – Croatia
The discovery of the hematoblast by Carl Heitzmann
John Savin (1935-2006) – Scotland
Osler and the skin
19th – 1998   19th – 1998   18th – 1997
Philip Wilson Daniel Wallach / Gerard Tilles Seung-Kyung Hann
Philip Wilson – United Kingdom
Imaging the human body: a surgical perspective of skin enlightenment London
Daniel Wallach and
Gerard Tilles – France
Henri Feulard (1858 – 1897): the life and works of the secretary of the First International Congress of Dermatology
Seung-Kyung Hann – South Korea
Historical view of vitilgo in Korea
18th – 1997   17th – 1996   16th – 1995
Ingrid Hackstock Ernst Beutner John Savin
Ingrid Hackstock – Austria
Carl Heitzmann (1836):  physician and illustrator, a centenary
Ernst Beutner (1923-2013) – USA
Tuberculosis of the skin:  historical perspectives on  tuberculosis and BCG
John Savin (1935-2006) – Scotland
Joseph Lister: a neglected master of investigative dermatology
15th – 1994   14th – 1993   13th – 1992
Upendra DeSilva Philip Wilson
Upendra DeSilva – Sri Lanka
Historical approach to scleroderma
Philip Wilson – United Kingdom / USA Elinor Lieber – United Kingdom
Skin diseases, sin, and contagion in the old testament
12th – 1991   11th – 1990   10th – 1989
Philip Wilson Maurizio Binazzi Leon Goldman
Philip Wilson – United Kingdom / USA
William Cowper’s anatomy of human skin
Maurizio Binazzi (1916-1992) – Italy
Italian memories of Aldo Castellani
Leon Goldman (1906-1997) – USA
An interesting history of self-experimentation in dermatology – should we go first, sometimes?
9th – 1988   8th – 1987   7th – 1986
Albin Proppe Thomas Schnalke Walter Lever
Albin Proppe (1907-1990) – Germany
Erlebte Dermatologie
Thomas Schnalke – Germany
A brief history of the dermatological moulage in Europe
Walter Lever (1909-1992) – USA
Historical perspective of bullous pemphigoid
6th – 1985   5th – 1984   4th – 1983
Samuel Radbill Thomas McNair Scott Albrecht Scholz / Feliks Wasik
Samuel Radbill (1901-1987) – USA
Pediatric dermatology
Thomas McNair Scott (1901-2001) – USA
Historical aspects of herpes simplex infection
Albrecht Scholz (1940-2013) and
Feliks Wasik (1930-2002) – USA
Albert Neisser: 1855-1916
3rd – 1982   2nd – 1981   1st – 1980
Manfred Skopec Karl Holubar Alan Lyell
Manfred Skopec – Austria
Anton Elfinger (1821-64) –  a forgotten medical illustrator
Karl Holubar (1936-2013) – Austria
The influence of the British School of Dermatology on the Vienna School in the first half of the 19th century
Alan Lyell (1917-2007) – Scotland
Daniel Turner, surgeon, physician and pioneer dermatologist