23 de February de 2017

Chronology of American Dermatology until 1907

Lawrence Charles Parish, MD
Department of Dermatology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

1836 New York Infirmary for Diseases of the Skin established by Schmidt, Post, and Potter
1837 Broome, Street Infirmary for Diseases of the Skin – Henry Bulkley gives first lectures in America on Dermatology
1839 First chapter on cutaneous pathology by S. D. Gross
1845 A synopsis of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of the more common and important diseases of the skin by Noah Worcester – the first American textbook
1847 First chapter on Dermatology in a textbook of Medicine by George Wood
1850 First wax model collection on Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania by George Wood
1853 Dispensary for skin diseases opened at Howard Hospital, Philadelphia – first hospital with specialized clinics
1860 Dispensary for skin diseases in Boston founded by James Clarke White
1863 First lecturer on skin diseases – James Clarke White at Harvard
1867 Photographs of diseases of the skin by Damon – first atlas to use photographic plates
1867 First professor of Dermatology at New York University – Weisse
1869 New York Dermatology Society – first Dermatology group in the world
1870 Photographic review of medicine and surgery founded by Duhring and Maury
1870 American Journal of Syphilography and Dermatology founded by Henry
1871 Dispensary for skin disease opened by Duhring in Philadelphia
1871 First University operated skin clinic at the University of Pennsylvania also opened
1872 Boston dispensary for skin diseases established by Wigglesworth
1874 Archives of Dermatology founded by L. Duncan Bulkley
1875 Postgraduate instruction in Dermatology – New York
1876 American Dermatological Association founded in Philadelphia
1876 Atlas on skin diseases by Duhring – first American atlas of colored plates
1876 Elementary treatise on diseases of the skin by Piffard, second American textbook
1879 A practical treatise on diseases of the skin by Duhring, third American textbook
1879 Cutaneous punch adapted by Keyes
1880 Journal of cutaneous and venereal diseases founded by Piffard and Morrow
1880 Prurigo nodularis described by Hardaway
1880 American hospital for skin diseases in Philadelphia opened
1880 George Friebis first resident physician
1882 New York skin and cancer hospital opened
1883 James Nervis Hyde publishes Diseases of the skin, later continued by Ormsby and Montgomery as Diseases of the skin
1884 Duhring delineates dermatitis herpetiformis
1887 Section on Dermatology of American Medical Association founded by L. D. Bulkley
1888 Match box dermatitis – first report of contact dermatitis by George Henry Fox
1889 Keratosis follicularis described by J. C. White
1891 Angiokeratosis and pseudo colloid of the lips described by Fordyce
1891 Acanthosis nigricans described by Pollitzer
1893 Hydrocystoma described by Robinson
1896 North American blastomicosis described by Gilchrist
1900 Philadelphia Dermatological Society founded
1901 Manhattan Dermatological Society founded
1902 Chicago Dermatological Society founded
1902 Fox-Fordyce disease described
1902 Infectious eczematoid dermatitis described by Engman
1907 Sixth International Congress on Dermatology held in New York
1907 Carbon dioxide slush introduced by Pusey